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Thanks for visiting Every Dad Gourmet. My mission is to help Dads around the world gain the confidence they need to cook for their families and with their families. I want to encourage men everywhere to spend time with their families around the dinner table every day, talking, laughing, mentoring, and being the Dad that Every Dad should be. Every Dad is a gourmet at Heart!


I’m Herman. While I grew up in the southeast with family in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia, I have lived in Colorado for nearly 15 years with my wife and four children, three of which have grown and left the nest and have children of their own. So my main roles in life are to be a husband, a father, and a grandfather.

Growing up, I was introduced to traditional southern cooking, that tastes fantastic but, in excess, is really quite bad for you. My goal is to share the old recipes in a legacy format, while mixing in some of my new recipes and a few twists on swapping out better ingredients to show how I prepare great meals for my family.

On this site, I hope to share family recipes from my grandmother on my mom’s side, recipes from my mom, who is credited for teaching me how to cook, a few from extended family, and a few from my wife’s family. As a self taught chef, I will also share a few of my own creations that my family loves, and a few that have won awards.

Dad’s get a bad rep for being bad cooks in the kitchen, and I hope this site, and our videos will help you learn to be confident and to cook more.  And if you have a recipe to share that your kids love, I hope you will participate in our site.

SPECIAL NOTE: You will also notice a theme in my site that pertains to Life Lessons. As a Dad, I have done some things correctly, and I have learned from mistakes that I have made over the years. My goal is to show you a few of these character traits along the way, and tell a few stories that you can use to mentor your children to be the best that they can be in life.

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